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Gaston County Turns 175

2021 represents a significant chapter in Gaston County's history—its 175th anniversary. On December 21, 1846, Gaston County was officially formed. As we commemorate this milestone, it is important to not only look back at where we have been, but also look ahead to what is on the horizon. Join us this coming year as we celebrate through Signature Events, honor our Hospitality ALL-STARS, and imagine the County's next 175 years.

Hospitality ALL-STARS

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Nominate either a Gaston County Hospitality Business or employee that recently “WOWED” you!

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Hospitality All-Stars

Gaston County’s Hospitality Businesses: These include hotels, other overnight accommodations, restaurants, bars, breweries, wineries, coffee shops, retailers, outfitters, attractions, museums, gardens, galleries, performing arts venues, music venues, parks, trails, waterways, golf courses information providers and events.

Anniversary Celebration

On December 21, 2021, Gaston County celebrated its 175th Anniversary. Here are the highlights! 

Signature Events

Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming Signature Events. Here are some pictures from our most popular events.

Signature Events

Kids Catfish Tournament
Heritage and Harvest Days
BikeFest/Red Bull World Championship Qualifier
River Fest
USNWC River Jam-
Christmastown USA 5k
Just Plain Dog Show
Christmastown USA
Holiday Lights at The Garden DSBG Trellis
Juneteenth FESTIVAL
All-American Festival
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