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Tourism Development Advisory Board

This dedicated group of individuals is committed to promoting and enhancing tourism in this beautiful region. Our board members bring diverse backgrounds and expertise, allowing us to devise innovative strategies and initiatives that will propel Gaston County's tourism industry to new heights. Together, we are shaping the future of tourism in our county, ensuring that every traveler's experience is unforgettable and that Gaston County remains a premier destination for all.

Andrea Stephens

Citizen at Large

Elysabeth Utick

Non-Profit Attraction

Gerard G. Durkee

Citizen at Large

Heather Britton

Citizen at Large

John (Jay) Briody

Citizen at Large

John Searby


Monte Monteleone

Parks and Recreation

Patricia A. Farmer

Hotel/Motel Industry

Phillip S. McGinnis

Citizen at Large

Richard (Dick) Cromolish

Economic Development

Tammy Fraley Wilson

Citizen at Large

Vivianette Ortiz

Citizen at Large

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