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Buscando la sirena

500 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC, USA


Buscando la sirena (Searing for the siren)

Artist Jackie Milad presents mixed-media abstract paintings and collages that address the history and complexities of dispersed cultural heritage and multi-ethnic identity.

A Baltimore City-based artist, her paintings, collages, and sculptures explore global migration inspired by her identity as a first-generation American citizen. She creates layered two-dimensional works that are primarily paintings but that also incorporate collage elements, such as found and stenciled fabrics, notions, and pieces of paper.

Though Milad’s father is Egyptian and her mother is Honduran, there is a shared relationship to outsiders who excavate and exploit cultural artifacts, exporting primarily to Europe and the United States where it is often presented out of context. This exploitation fascinates Milad. In her words, she is “omnivorous” in her inclusion of objects and images from museum collections and academic papers.

Showing October 27, 2023 through October 27, 2024

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