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500 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC, USA



Echoes extends the Mint's commitment to exploring Romare Bearden’s art, legacy, and impact while simultaneously continuing its engagement with and in support of local artists.

Taking Bearden’s collage as its point of departure, the museum asked four local artists — Carla Aaron-Lopez, Susan Brenner, Malik J. Norman, and Beverly Smith — to create a new work of art responding to some aspect of Carolina Shout. Each of those artists was invited to recommend a colleague to participate; thus, the original four were joined by Tom Delaney, Dammit Wesley, Juan Logan, and Liliya Zalevskaya.

While the artists were free to respond in whatever way they felt was appropriate, Bearden’s themes of baptism, music, the South, memory, and community, along with his masterful use of collage and other artistic techniques, all provided rich points of departure for these artists to consider as they created their own work.

Showing November 11 through October 27

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