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Outdoor Adventurer


Gaston County, nestled in the heart of North Carolina, beckons outdoor enthusiasts with a promise of unforgettable adventures. As your premier destination for an outdoor getaway, Gaston County boasts a myriad of reasons to choose it as your next vacation spot:

Explore Natural Landscapes:

  • Crowders Mountain State Park: Uncover the jewel of Gaston County's outdoor offerings at this State Park. Hiking trails cater to all skill levels, including those leading to breathtaking views.

  • Kings Mountain National Military Park: offers historical significance intertwined with nature trails. Explore the battlefield and take leisurely walks through wooded areas for a holistic outdoor experience.

Thrilling Outdoor Adventures:

  • Whitewater Center: For adventure seekers, unleash your adventurous spirit with whitewater rafting, zip-lining, rock climbing, and mountain biking—an ideal introduction to various outdoor pursuits.

  • Catawba River: Meandering through Gaston County, the river invites you to indulge in water-based activities. Kayak, canoe, or paddleboard against a backdrop of unparalleled beauty.

Botanical Beauty and Outdoor Activities:

  • Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden: Beyond its breathtaking gardens, the Garden now beckons all to explore. Revel in the natural beauty, harmonizing with the serenity of the garden setting.

Accessibility and Connectivity:

  • Strategic Location: Gaston County's strategic proximity to major cities like Charlotte ensures a swift escape from urban chaos to the tranquility of nature. Your outdoor getaway is just a short journey away.

  • Embrace the Community Focus on Outdoor Recreation: Local Initiatives: Gaston County proudly embraces outdoor recreation as an integral part of its identity. Committed to preserving and enhancing natural resources, the county provides a warm welcome to outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Enjoy Variety Tailored to All Skill Levels: Inclusive Options: Regardless of your outdoor expertise, Gaston County caters to everyone. Whether you're up for challenging hikes or leisurely strolls, our inclusive options ensure an outdoor experience tailored to your preferences.

In summary, Gaston County invites you to a world of natural beauty, thrilling adventures, and a dedication to preserving its outdoor treasures. Whether you crave adrenaline-pumping activities or serene nature walks, Gaston County promises a premier introduction to the diverse and captivating world of outdoor recreation. Unlock your perfect outdoor getaway—your ultimate vacation package awaits in Gaston County!

Kings Mountain Gateway Trail

This trailhead is located just south of downtown Kings Mountain, connecting it via sidewalk.

Confluence South Fork

An art gallery, bar, music venue, and recreation center located in downtown Cramerton.

Veronet Vineyards and Winery

Where the foothills just begin to ripple towards the Blue Ridge Mountains sits Veronét Vineyards & Winery.

The Boathouse

Paddling opportunities include lessons, rentals and guided tours full moon paddles and eco-tours.

Kings Mountain State Park

The Piedmont’s Kings Mountain State Park has miles of forested trails perfect for supreme Kings Mountain hiking, two fishing lakes, and sits adjacent to Kings Mountain National Military Park, one of many national park Revolutionary War sites.

Rankin Lake Park

The 80-acre lake, complete with fishing pier and boat dock. Canoes, kayaks, johnboats and pedal boats are available to rent.

Crowders Mountain State Park

A visit to Crowders Mountain might include hiking more than 20 miles of hiking trails, rock climbing, backcountry camping, picnicking and fishing.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is the Carolinas’ Garden for all seasons, providing guests a chance to reconnect with nature and to create lifelong memories with friends and family and is located within 380 acres on the banks of Lake Wylie.

George Poston Park

North Carolina’s first asphalt pump track, designed for cyclists and skateboarders, mountain biking and more.

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