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Hook Shot Charlie

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

131 S Main St, Mt Holly, NC, USA


About this event

Hook Shot Charlie


7:00 PM


We invite you to hear Charlie Currence and his story of how he became “Hook Shot Charlie." Who Knew? 

Charlie is a home grown Mount Holly boy who graduated from EGHS in the class of 1976. He played on the EGHS Warriors Basketball Team. He graduated from Wingate College and worked in the banking industry for 23 years until he retired. Working during the week, he shot basketball on Sundays just to “clear his head”. But after retiring he went to the store, bought a basketball and started shooting daily! (Hook Shots, that is) and lots of them! I’m talking not from under the basket, at the foul line, from the 3 point line but from Half Court! And his story goes on….. 

So if you love basketball you’ll definitely love Charlie! Look him up on Facebook and Instagram.

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