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The Last Wolf

Saturday, February 3, 2024

4611 Linwood Rd, Kings Mountain, NC, USA


We are pretty excited to give this beginner friendly 5K run up the Tower trail. Then back down. So much fun to be had. Here is a light description of the Tower!

Tower Trail Crowders Mountain
Tower Trail ascends the Crowder Mountain range up a utility road to a cellphone tower. At the top, it connects to Backside Trail, an alternate . .9 mile route down to the parking lot. Tower Trail is a longer, but less steep climb than Backside Trail.

The 5k Will take you on a out and back to the top then back down!

The 50K is of course for the brave willing to take this tower on a repeated journey of 10 Times!!!

Pick your poison. For the race our swag will be Shirts, and Finisher medals.

Last Man Standing

For the last man Standing part of this race. We will be doing the course. Every Hour on the Hour. Meaning we will start at 8 am, you will have 1 hour to get back down to the bottom before the next Horn goes off. If you can NOT make it to the next bell you are Out.

How Long Can you Go?

Aid Station

The Aid Station is once every 3 plus miles during the race. The Station food will be Bananas and water, and tailwind for the 5k

For the 50K and Last man standing it will be Soups, Breads, Sweet foods and any other suggestions runners will have for the race if it is possible.

For more information, click the LEARN MORE button above or reach out to the venue/host directly. 

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