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Toddler Time Nativity Keepsake Canvas

Saturday, December 9, 2023

104 South Main Street, Mount Holly, NC, USA



Join us for a unique gift making workshop!

Bring the kids/grandkids to make this special nativity scene canvas. The 11x14 canvas will be pre-painted and prepped-ready for the footprints. (Kids will not be painting the canvas, only adding their painted footprints) We will assist in painting and arranging the footprints on canvas. Once finished we will keep the canvas to finish the scene details and canvases will be available for pick up on December 13.

This is the perfect gift for the grandparents or mom & dad. Canvas works best for 1-5 children. (Small children as feet must fit on canvas)

You will sign up for a time slot to come in and paint. Time slots run 10:00-12:00 and we will allow 3 families per 30-minute time slot. Canvases are $25 each and if you want to make more than 1 please purchase a ticket per canvas. (Each set of grandparents are going to want one of these!)

**Important Ticket Information**

1.When ordering please only select 1 TIME SLOT ticket for your whole group/family.

2. Select the "additional canvases" ticket to add more than one canvas to your session (time slot ticket only = 1 canvas)

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

For more information, click the LEARN MORE button above or reach out to the venue/host directly. 

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