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Workday at the Park

Saturday, October 21, 2023

1277 Park Rd, Blacksburg, SC 29702, USA


3rd Saturday of each monthJoin the FKMSP Workday at 8 am @ Apple Road Parking Lot(1277 Park Rd, Blacksburg, SC 29702)

Lunch will be provided for workers.

Current needs: Trails Clean up.If you see any needs or plan to attend, please contact Trail Coordinator Steve Broome 864-680-0579. This will allow time to plan on duties and have enough food for workers lunch.

Tools: Chainsaw and Personal Protection Equipment -Chaps / Gloves / Eye Protection. Hard Hat, Weed Eater, RTV’s or Four Wheeler's, Clippers, Shovels and Rakes.

There are still opportunities to volunteer if you are unable to attend work days, contact Steve or the park (803)222-3209 to set up a time.Thank you for working together to enhance the park!


For more information, click the LEARN MORE button above or reach out to the venue/host directly. 

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