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Meet Gaston

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Gaston, the official ambassador of Gaston County Tourism here to show you the best places to explore in and around Gaston County. 

Gaston the Eagle
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Gaston Eagle Fly

What is this?

While migrating from the north, this young green eyed bald eagle spied two mountains poking up from the relatively flat landscape of the North Carolina Piedmont and decided to take a look.

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This place is great!

After more exploration Gaston discovered two rivers and a beautiful lake and decided to make a home here.

Eagle on tree
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eagle hello


Today, Gaston is the official ambassador for Gaston County Tourism, here to show you the best places to explore.

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 Explore with Gaston 


Read this adorable picture book about how Gaston came to be the official travel ambassador for Gaston County Tourism Development

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