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It is the policy of Gaston County Travel & Tourism (Go Gaston NC) to respond to appropriate and reasonable media questions/inquiries effectively, accurately and on a timely basis to help promote public understanding of our services and activities. Responsibility for media engagement and strategy rests with the Director of Travel & Tourism. Further, it is our policy that the media be alerted of Tourism Advisory Board meetings one week prior using our sunshine list.


  • Enable staff to be briefed and prepared before speaking to the media. 

  • Ensure consistency of all messages. 

  • Protect the reputation of our department. 

  • Maintain the professional interaction and ongoing relationships between the Department of Travel & Tourism and media. 

  • Provide timely, accurate and appropriate responses to media inquiries.

Media Inquiries Procedure 

  • Staff members are not permitted to approach or speak to the media on behalf of Go Gaston NC without the approval of the Director. This includes conversations described as 'off the record'. 

  • All media inquiries must be immediately directed to the Director. This includes media inquiries or activities relating to the department, its services, its staff or sales & marketing activities as well as inquiries involving a tourism partner who wishes to promote their relationship with us. 

  • The Director is the liaison between the department and the media and is authorized to act as a spokesperson. 

  • The Director will assess the media inquiry and draft the most appropriate response or action and identify the most appropriate spokesperson. Responses are to be shared with and approved by the County Manager or Assistant County Manager. 

  • In some instances the Director will escalate the matter to the County Manager or Assistant County Manager upon assessment of the inquiry. 

  • Staff wishing to invite media to the Visitors Center or Department of Tourism events must first gain the consent of the Director. 

  • The Director must approve all requests to hold a press conference. 

  • Filming and photography in the Visitors Center or at Tourism events by the media or external organizations is not permitted without the permission of the Director.


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