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Black's Barbecue


Blacks Barbecue


2902 York Hwy.

Off the beaten path is a restaurant so unassuming you might have just driven by it. And it may not get any more authentic than this. Pull in to a parking space adjacent to the building, a carhop takes your order, and cash only – just like business has been done here since 1957 when Black’s Barbecue opened. Black’s specialty is the barbecue sandwich – pulled pork with Black’s famous barbecue slaw. Taking it back to the family or having a picnic? At Black’s, you can buy the pork by the pound along with containers of barbecue slaw and buns for DIY family style!

Open: Tues-Sat – 10:30am-8pm | Closed: Sun & Mon

    Open: Tues-Sat – 10:30am-8pm | Closed: Sun & Mon



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