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North Main Kava Bar


North Main Kava Bar


118 North Main St.

North Main Kava Bar in Lowell is an alcohol free establishment, with a bar atmosphere, serving kava, kratom, and coffee. 

Kava: An alternative to alcohol and in the tea/coffee family, kava is relaxing without the mind altering experience you get from alcohol. Originating in Fiji, people drink it in groups and share it from a coconut shell. They cheer with the word "Bula" before drinking. 

Kratom: Originating from Southeast Asia. It is also in the coffee family. 

Either of these can be drank traditionally, or made as mocktails. Watch for pictures to come of the bar. 

North Main Kava Bar also serves traditional drip coffee, and French press or pour over method, highlighting our coffee from Fiji".


Lowell NC

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