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Smoke and Barrel Cigar Bar and Lounge


Smoke and Barrel


121 East Charlotte Ave.

The Smoke and Barrel offers a relaxing atmosphere with plush leather chairs and a friendly, attentive bar staff

The S&B has a unique vibe which carries you back to the neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name. Our walk-in humidor offers a wide variety of fine quality cigars.

Everyone can enjoy the atmosphere at the Smoke and Barrel whether you are smoking a cigar or treating yourself to a favorite beverage from our fully stocked bar (bar menu). The state-of-the-art smoke ventilation system makes this a unique, comfortable bar experience for all.

Our outside seating area offers more room with fresh air and sunshine. We offer local bands twice weekly in addition to food trucks. Check our calendar for scheduled events. Come and enjoy the one-of-a-kind cigar bar and lounge in the Charlotte metro area.


Mount Holly NC

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