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The String Bean


The String Bean


106 North Main St.

Locally grown since 2008, The String Bean serves as a local fresh market (butcher shop, fresh seafood, local cheeses, 800 wines and over 150 beers), a local casual restaurant with an awesome patio, and a high quality, custom caterering.

The butcher shop and market open at 9am, and our restaurant opens at 11am.

Our menu includes classic favorites prepared with a fresh twist and daily specials. We take great pride in the quality of our produce, breads, meats, seafood and dessert items, and we are thankful for the many local resources that we can draw from in this area. We love seeing our outdoor dining area full during the summer and our fresh market relied on for the winter holiday season.

Winner of seven Wine Spectator awards for excellence, enjoyed by the President of the United States at a local appearance at Freightliner and frequented by patrons we call friends, both local and out of town, The String Bean is one of those places that we hope sticks with you and brings you back time and time again.

    Open 11 am | Closed Sun & Mon


Belmont NC

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