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The Rooster


The Rooster

334 West Main Ave.

The Rooster is a live performing arts venue located in downtown Gastonia

Showcasing local and regional artists to display their gifts in a safe, inviting environment offering the people in this community of all demographics a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience that is welcoming, fun and (most importantly) inclusive. It is love that drives this machine.

Love of music, love of art, love of community, and love of one another. We seek to celebrate our love for the arts together with our neighbors, and we hope that our message rings true with every show we book.

Check out The Rooster and make some beautiful memories!

    Open: Wed & Thurs 5–11pm, Fri 5pm–2am, Sat 11am–2am, Closed: Sun-Tues


Gastonia NC

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