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Sculpture by Contemporary Artist, Juan Logan, moves to Gaston Museum

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

  • Library donates Juan Logan Sculpture to Gaston County Museum to be preserved and displayed in area of prominence

  • Logan’s sculpture, Pillar of Enlightenment, was installed at Gaston County Public Library’s Main Branch in 1995

  • Gaston County Library and Museum collaborate to make art accessible to public

Sculpture by Contemporary American Artist Juan Logan moves to the Gaston County Museum in Dallas from its original location at the Gaston County Public Library’s Main Branch.

“Public art requires a level of care that Pillar of Enlightenment has not seen in recent decades. Museum staff are keenly aware of the need to preserve this important work by Juan Logan and look forward to making it accessible to the public in its prominent new location” said Museum Assistant Director, Ali Pizza. Pillar of Enlightenment was commissioned by the library at the request of the Margaret McConnell Holt Estate to highlight a significant regional artist with the intent that it would be accessible for the public to appreciate and enjoy for generations to come. The museum has placed the sculpture in an equally visible location at the entry to the museum so that staff can interpret it’s meaning for visitors, and allow them to explore the sculpture themselves. Pillar of Enlightenment will undergo conservation treatment in its new home at the museum.

Library Director, Susan McDonald, said of the donation of Pillar of Enlightenment, “the Library has been extremely appreciative and honored to be the display venue for Juan Logan’s work, as well as the works of many other artists. However, the Library is now facing a time of change in order to serve our patrons most effectively. We are restructuring our floor layouts and optimizing our space to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Having an opportunity to collaborate with the Museum, and to know that these works of art will be professionally cared for, interpreted, and made available for public viewing is the best choice for the artwork and in keeping with the gracious intention of the donors who gave them to the library.” The donation of the Logan sculpture comes at a time when Gaston County Leadership is striving for better collaboration between departments. Museum Director, Jason Luker, says “it has been very rewarding to work with the library on bringing artwork such as Pillar of Enlightenment into our care. It is our shared goal to preserve the art and history of this county and have it available for future generations to enjoy and study.”


More information

Alexandrea Pizza, Assistant Director, 704-922-7681 ext. 105