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The Taste of Fall is Found in the Local Pubs of Gaston County

Updated: Jan 29

As the fall season approaches, our local breweries embrace the essence of autumn, as they offer up brews with the rich flavors of pumpkin and spices. These unique offerings provide a delightful taste of the season, making Gaston County a must-visit destination for those seeking to savor the warmth and nostalgia of fall in every refreshing sip. Whether you're a local or a traveler, our craft pumpkin beers offer a seasonal experience that's hard to resist, bringing the community together and inviting you to raise your glass to celebrate the spirit of fall.


Phoned Pumpkin Ale at Cavendish Brewing


Outside downtown in Gastonia, Cavendish Brewery, a local craft beer producer, crafted 'Phoned in Pumpkin ale" available while supplies last. Then, in the walkable downtown of Gastonia, we found three establishments that perfectly capture the essence of the harvest season by putting fall-inspired flavors on tap. Gaston Pour House, Pita Wheel, and Webb's Custom Kitchen cater to various tastes and preferences and are great places to grab a bite.

Fall Crafted Brews at Belmont Brewhouse
Fall Crafted Brews at Belmont Brewhouse


Belmont is a beautiful historic town with entertainment, dining, and shopping. There are also three producers of craft beer, each with their own take on the seasonal inspiration of fall. Belmont Brewhouse on the Catawba River at Riverside Marina offers a hand-crafted Pumpkin Ale with 5.5% ABV. Head back into town, where you will find two more producers. Primal Brewery introduced Pumpalicious, satisfying the cravings of those seeking a distinctive flavor experience and, Jekyll and Hyde Taphouse and Grill released Jackie O's Wicked Pumpkin Ale this year. Primal and Jekyll are also great places to grab a bite to eat.

Downtown Belmont is truly a hub for pumpkin beer enthusiasts. The Bearded Buffalo Sports Bar offers pumpkin draft and canned beer options. At the same time, Old Stone Steakhouse and The Lodge, embraced the seasonal spirit, adding to the cozy ambiance of the season and creating an inviting and warm atmosphere that perfectly complemented fall festivities.

Crafted Pumpkin Beer at Traust Brewery
Crafted Pumpkin Beer at Traust Brewery

Mount Holly

You have three great options in beautiful, walkable downtown Mount Holly to get you in the fall spirit. Traust Brewery is another one of our local producers. Their pumpkin beer comes with brown sugar and cinnamon rim this year! Right across the street, Jack Beagles brought in a pumpkin porter, a go-to choice for locals seeking comfort on cool fall evenings. Smoke and Barrel Cigar Bar and Lounge also joined the town's autumn revelry, adding to the vibrant tapestry of flavors that defined the season in this welcoming community.


In Cramerton, the arrival of fall brought a special treat in the form of Mayworth's Public House offering a limited-time Octoberfest beer. At the same time, Confluence added to the town's festive spirit and created a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all who gathered to enjoy this seasonal delight.


With a wealth of options, Gaston County emerged as a destination for beer enthusiasts and those searching for a taste bud sensation during the fall season. The county's breweries and bars had successfully brewed the essence of autumn into their beverages, inviting all to visit and savor the unique pumpkin-inspired brews that defined the season. It was, without a doubt, a delightful brew of beers awaiting those who chose to explore Gaston County during this time of year.


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