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Craft in the Laboratory

500 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC, USA


Craft in the Laboratory

The Science of Making Things

Craft in the Laboratory: The Science of Making Things is the first installation in the Southeast to explore how craft artists and designers use science and math concepts when creating works of art.

Presented by Müller Corporation, Craft in the Laboratory also celebrates a reinstallation of the Mint’s Craft + Design Galleries—the first since 2010.

Co-curated by the Mint’s Senior Curator of Craft, Design, and Fashion Annie Carlano and Assistant Curator for Craft, Design, and Fashion Rebecca Elliot, Craft in the Laboratory includes 100 works from the Mint’s collection that are made from precious metals, wood, steel, polymers, and even agricultural waste, that emphasize the preciseness of science used to craft works of art. Made by nationally and internationally renowned artists, the objects are organized by material and subject throughout the galleries.

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