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African American Museum


African American Museum


300 Firestone St.

African American Museum

Located in the Loray Mill in Gastonia

Found in the Loray Mill in Gastonia is the African American Museum of History Culture. This museum preserves the history of the innumerable contributions of African Americans to the growth and prosperity of Gaston County.

About the Founders

This museum was founded by, Dorothy “Dot” and Bobby Guthrie, husband and educator, were determined to showcase Black history and culture in a museum that houses and reflects documented artifacts of the contributions of African Americans to the development, history and culture of the county.

Gastonia & Highland History

The backbone of Gastonia history can be found here. This area of the museum covers the historical achievements and accomplishments of the people from this area with photos of major influencers.

Learn about Dr. Herbert Erwin, Sr., founder of the Negro Colored Hospital. Medical professional, Dr. Erwin who made it possible for the Negro Baseball Team to play in Gastonia. The first Gastonia mayor, T. Jeffers, Mr. Glendale Brooks, and Mr. Walker Reid. Donyel Barber is the first councilwoman to be elected into the Gastonia City Council.

Municipalities or Townships

Gaston County is divided into twelve municipalities. This museum shares the historical signifigance of each of the municipalities in Gaston County including, Belmont, Bessemer City, Cherryville, Cramerton, Dallas, Dellview,High Shoals, Lowell, McAdenville, Mt. Holly, Ranlo, Spencer Mountain, Stanley.

Digital and Hands-on-Learning

Young people will learn about the scientists, inventors, advocates, and events that affected the lives of African Americans in a positive way. This journey will provide them with the determination to persevere despite the obstacles they encounter in their daily lives.

Rotating Exhibits

Keep an eye on their website for special events, and seasonal displays.

Little Korner Bookshop

The Korner Bookshop features local African American Authors, as well as works by regional and national authors. The shop partners with local vendors, to promote and sale some of their goods and products. Parents will find some of the best African American Literature written and illustrated for children. And, for the nostalgic group, the BB Bat, Kits, and Bit-O-Honey Candies.

Faith-based, Public Services, and The Arts

The free-standing panels spotlight leaders that helped pave, shape, and mold Gastonia/Gaston County – the best of what they always wanted in their history and culture.


African American Museum in Gastonia


300 Firestone St.



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