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Foodie Experience

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Foodie Experience


Embark on a gastronomic adventure like no other with a getaway to Gaston County, where culinary traditions and Southern flavors converge to create an unforgettable experience. Here's why food enthusiasts should make Gaston County their next culinary destination:

1. Discover Barbecue Bliss on the North Carolina Barbecue Trail:

Immerse yourself in the art of barbecue along the renowned Gaston County 'Cue Trail in Gaston County. From pit-cooked perfection to hickory-smoked wonders, savor the diverse styles that define authentic North Carolina barbecue.

2. Indulge in Southern Comfort Cuisine:

Experience the warm embrace of Southern hospitality through Gaston County's diverse and comforting Southern cuisine. From classic comfort dishes to modern interpretations, each bite tells a tale of tradition and culinary excellence.

3. Relish Hearty Country Cooking:

Dive into the heartiness of Gaston County's country cooking, where every dish resonates with soul-satisfying flavors. From cornbread to fried chicken, explore establishments that celebrate the timeless appeal of down-home Southern meals.

4. Enjoy Fresh Catches at Picturesque Fish Camps:

Delight in fresh catches prepared with skill and served in charming waterside settings. Gaston County's fish camps provide a unique culinary experience by the water, where the flavors of the region's lakes and rivers come to life.

5. Experience Craft Beverages Along the Ridgeline Trail:

Complement your culinary journey with tastings along the Ridgeline Craft Beverage Trail. Explore local wineries, breweries, and distilleries, each contributing to the dynamic craft beverage scene in Gaston County.

6. Savor Locally Sourced Freshness:

Gaston County takes pride in its commitment to farm-to-table freshness. Discover restaurants and eateries that source their ingredients locally, ensuring that every dish is a celebration of the region's seasonal bounty.

7. Uncover Culinary Influences from Gaston County's Past:

Explore the historical influences that have shaped Gaston County's culinary scene. From time-honored recipes passed down through generations to modern interpretations, the county's food offerings tell a story of its rich and storied past.

8. Immerse Yourself in Community-Centric Dining:

Experience dining that goes beyond the plate, where each establishment becomes a community hub. Enjoy the warmth of Southern hospitality and a shared culinary experience that makes every meal memorable.

Gaston County beckons food enthusiasts to savor the flavors of the South, offering a diverse culinary landscape where every dish is a celebration of tradition, innovation, and community. Plan your culinary getaway to Gaston County and immerse yourself in a world of culinary delights.

Nellies Southern Kitchen

Nellie's Southern Kitchen in Belmont, established by the Jonas Brothers’ family serves southern style bites and they also offer a rooftop bar.

Traust Brewing

Rustically refined craft products and synergistic experiences reflective of Nordic societies still seen throughout contemporary Scandinavia. An Innovative craft beer culture.

Veronet Vineyards and Winery

Where the foothills just begin to ripple towards the Blue Ridge Mountains sits Veronét Vineyards & Winery.

Belmont Brewhouse

This nano brewery is located close to the Catawba River in Belmont.

BrickTree Brewing in Lincolnton

BrickTree Brewing Co in Lincolnton is a 12,00-square-foot, two-level brewery with a 10-barrel brew system that can brew up to 300 gallons at a time. BrickTree is a place to disconnect, drink a few beers and hang out with friends. A craft beer bar on both levels as well as outdoor seating is also available. Keep an eye on their calendar for on-site food trucks and events.

Primal Brewery

Primal means essential or fundamental to life. To us, that’s beer! Brewing beer for all tastes and style preferences for our community since 2013.

Muddy River Distillery

At Muddy River Distillery, we make the best rum you’ve ever tasted by using premium ingredients, handcrafted recipes, and custom-built stills.

Baker Buffalo Creek Winery

Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard is located in Fallston, NC. The vineyard is planted in the fertile soil of the rolling hills in Cleveland County. The vineyard takes its name from the Buffalo Creek that slowly winds through the property and the Baker family name that represents over 100 years of family ownership of this beautiful farmland.

Cavendish Brewing Company

Cavendish Brewing Company is one of a kind in every way. From the ingredients we use, to the way our brew master monitors every step of the brewing process, our award winning beer is made to stand out from every other beer in the respective categories.

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