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Art and Culture Escape

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Art and Culture Escape


For the discerning traveler with a passion for art and culture, Gaston County unveils a hidden gem, inviting you to explore its vibrant arts scene and cultural treasures. Begin your cultural journey with the Gaston County Art Trail, a curated experience that seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of artistic expressions across the county.

Gaston County Art Trail:

A Stroll Through Creativity

Dive into the heart of Gaston County's artistic landscape by embarking on the Gaston County Art Trail. This curated trail guides you through galleries, museums, and outdoor spaces adorned with captivating artworks and sculptures. It's a testament to the county's commitment to fostering creativity and celebrating the talents of local and renowned artists alike.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden:

Where Nature and Sculpture Converge

Your cultural expedition continues at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, an oasis where lush greenery meets breathtaking sculptures. Wander through the garden, where each turn reveals a new artistic creation, seamlessly integrated into the natural surroundings. It's a harmonious blend of horticulture and artistry, offering a serene and visually captivating experience.

Gaston County Museum:

A Cultural Hub

Delve into the rich tapestry of Gaston County's history and artistic heritage at the Gaston County Museum. Immerse yourself in captivating displays of local art, from carefully curated exhibits to a charming sculpture garden that invites contemplation. Explore the archives of John T. Biggers, a renowned artist whose legacy is preserved within the museum's walls.

Theatrical Delights

and Architectural Marvels

Gaston County's art and cultural scene extends to its theaters, where the performing arts come alive. Enjoy productions at the Gastonia Little Theater and Cherryville Little Theater, each offering a unique stage for local talents to shine. Visit the Haid Center at Belmont Abbey, a cultural hub nestled in the serene surroundings of Belmont Abbey College, and marvel at the architectural splendor of the Belmont Abbey Basilica.

Outdoor Sculptures and Trails:

A Symphony of Art and Nature

Gaston County beckons art enthusiasts to explore its outdoor spaces, where sculptures and trails converge to create an immersive experience. Majestic sculptures grace the entrances to scenic trails, providing a perfect union of artistic expression and the beauty of nature. The works of John T. Biggers and local artists further enrich the cultural landscape, inviting contemplation and appreciation.

Schiele Museum:

A Fusion of History and Art

Your cultural voyage wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Schiele Museum, where the legacy of John T. Biggers continues to thrive. Immerse yourself in the work of local artists as you explore the museum's exhibits, blending natural history with artistic expression.

Confluence in Cramerton:

A Haven for Art and Music

Extend your cultural exploration to Confluence in Cramerton, where the Artist in Residence program unfolds. Immerse yourself in the artistic community, purchase unique pieces from local artists, and savor the harmonious notes of live music. Confluence adds a contemporary touch to Gaston County's cultural landscape, inviting you to engage with the vibrant creativity that thrives within its walls.

Gaston County, with its dynamic Art Trail, botanical wonders, cultural museums, captivating theaters, and the vibrant Confluence in Cramerton, promises a cultural odyssey that transcends expectations. Whether you're an art aficionado, history buff, or simply seeking inspiration, Gaston County invites you to unravel its cultural canvas and experience the beauty of artistic expression in every corner.

Haid Theater - Belmont Abbey College

The theatre typically produces six offerings a year, plus special events, representing a wide repertoire of drama, comedy, and musicals.

Cherryville Little Theater

Cherryville Little Theatre located a few blocks from downtown Cherryville is a  non-profit organization and delights in bringing the arts to the local community.

Confluence South Fork

An art gallery, bar, music venue, and recreation center located in downtown Cramerton.

Gaston County Museum

The Gaston County Museum strives to inspire diverse audiences to consider their shared histories through the art and history of Gaston County, NC and its surrounding region.

Little Theater Gastonia

Founded in 1950, Little Theater of Gastonia offers a wide variety of comedies, dramas, and musicals featuring talented, entertaining performers each fall-to-spring season.

Schiele Museum of Natural History

Regional wildlife & natural areas are the focus of a museum with a planetarium & a nature trail.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is the Carolinas’ Garden for all seasons, providing guests a chance to reconnect with nature and to create lifelong memories with friends and family and is located within 380 acres on the banks of Lake Wylie.

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