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Bessemer City Park Trail

This looped trail offers rolling topography in a heavily wooded setting. Not only does the trail provide an opportunity for leisure but three access points provide transportation connections for surrounding neighborhoods to access the city park, pool. See historic remains of the city lake style community pool and bath house built in 1923. Wild muscadine grapes grow along the trail.

The trail leads you out of the park across the street onto W Alabama Avenue where there is a gas station and into downtown Bessemer City. Turn left onto N 12th Street. You'll pass historic brick buildings and cross the train tacks as you enter the main part of town. Take a left onto W Virginia Avenue and continue down N 14th Street until the sidewalk ends. This is where the trail ends.


220 South 14th St.

1.3 Miles One Way


Best Use




Paved, Boardwalk, Natural Surface

Walking, Running, Hiking, Mountain Biking

Bessemer City

Bessemer City Park and Pool

Take a dip in the pool at Bessemer City Park or just splash around in the water park. Stay cool under a wooded tree canopy on a trail built for hiking or mountain biking. Shoot hoops or act like a kid on the playground. This park is loads of fun.

Bessemer City

Bessemer City is located in the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina area, inside Gaston County and just north of I-85.

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