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5000 Whitewater Center Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28214, USA


Wildwoods is your ultimate playground to play, explore, and connect with nature! Created to extend the Whitewater Center's activities to younger kids and ignite their passion for outdoor play, Wildwoods boasts a variety of climbing and discovery elements and multi-level treehouses designed for everyone.

Explore the Treehouse Village featuring several multi-story, locust-wood structures connected by floating hammocks and swinging bridges. Navigate the dozens of climbing elements across the forest floor with an all-new Boulder Garden and low-rope-style Challenge Course.

Introducing a bike trail just for pedal-free balance bikes. The Balance Bike Course is perfect for little ones looking in the beginning phase of learning to ride a bike. A half-mile track winds through a forested section of Wildwoods and features mini rollers, rock gardens and berms. Guests can bring their own bike and helmet or check one out at the Bike Shed.

The Wildwoods footprint is fully fenced in to provide an enclosed environment for play. Guests of any age are welcome to play inside the fence (Activity Pass required). Outside of the Wildwoods fence, you’ll find the shaded, timber-framed Pavilion and Cabin, which make great spots to snack and watch your kids explore (no Pass required).

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