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8 Year Aged Rum Release By Muddy River Distillery in Belmont, NC

Queen Charlotte at Muddy River Distillery

Muddy River Distillery Award-Winning Rum Distillery in Belmont

Muddy River Distillery, an award-winning rum distillery, has been (im)patiently waiting on each barrel release since its opening in 2011. This weekend the 8 Year old barrel release of their barrel aged line, Queen Charlotte’s Reserve Carolina Rum, will be available for purchase starting Saturday at 12:30 pm at the distillery while supplies last.

Rum Tastings at Muddy River Distillery

Currently they produce 1 Year Aged, 4 Year Aged, and a Navy Strength 110 proof Queen Charlotte’s Reserve aged rums. Muddy River distills, ages, and bottles all rum in house. The current facility in Belmont is open for tours, tastings, and bottle sales, but they plan to move production to a new facility in Mount Holly in Spring of 2024. The new location will have a full bar and event spaces overlooking the production facility and Dutchmans Creek. The whole process is being documented on their YouTube channel series “From Mil To Still”. Check it out!

As he takes his first sip, “Wow, it was worth every minute. I am so excited for the 8 Year- it was totally worth it. Picture yourself 8 years ago. I was working ‘round the clock spending every spare dime we had to fill barrels. Can’t wait to taste the 12 year! Our 401Ks are in those barrels.” Says Robbie Delaney, Muddy River Distillery’s founder and head distiller.

Tours and tastings are offered every Saturday at 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm, and tastings are available Sunday 12:30-4pm and Wed-Fri 11-5pm.


Muddy River Distillery

1500 River Dr., Belmont, NC

Muddy River Distillery is the oldest rum distillery in the Carolinas, and proud producer of fine rums. At Muddy River Distillery, we make the best rum you’ve ever tasted by using premium ingredients, handcrafted recipes, and custom-built.

Please visit our website and social media pages to learn more about Muddy River Distillery.

YouTube - Muddy River Distillery

Instagram - @muddyriverdistillery

Facebook -@MuddyRiverDistillery


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