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Bucking Bulls and Making Summertime Memories at Chicken Hill Bucking Bulls in Cherryville

In the outskirts of Cherryville there stands a family-owned gem called Chicken Hill Bucking Bulls. Every Sunday evening, from the first whispers of summer until the leaves started to turn, the arena comes alive with the spirit of the Wild West.

Chicken Hill Bucking Bulls

This family-owned business passes their love for bull riding like a cherished heirloom to each family member, from the young son, who wrangles sheep for the little ones, to Dad, who saddles up for the main event despite creaking bones. 

As the sun dips low on the horizon, the smell of nachos and hotdogs mingle. Excitement builds as families gather in the bleachers, eagerly awaiting the thrills and spills of the night. The laughter and chatter fill the arena, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes first-time visitors feel like part of the family.

Chicken Hill Bucking Bulls

The show kicks off with qualifiers, followed by the main event with everyone who qualifies getting a shot at the prize money. Next is calf riding, where the youngest riders, brave kids with wide eyes and even wider smiles, cling to the backs of woolly sheep as they buck and bind around the arena. The crowd is filled with admiration, cheering them on. Their enthusiasm is contagious as they watch future stars take their first shaky steps into the spotlight. Calf riders test their skills against spirited young animals, while seasoned pros mount fierce bulls with names like Thunder and Slim Shady. Every ride is a wild, heart-pounding adventure, with riders clinging to the ropes for dear life as the animals buck and spin beneath them.

But no matter how wild the rides gets, safety always comes first! At Chicken Hill, there is a solid commitment to safety, and they take pride in using well-trained bulls and experienced staff, ensuring that every rider, young or old, is equipped with the knowledge and gear they need to stay safe in the ring. 

Chicken Hill Bucking Bulls

As the last rays of sunlight fade from the sky, the final ride of the evening draws to a close, the crowd is still buzzing with excitement and filled anticipating next week's show. With hearts full of memories and bellies full of nachos, families leave, counting the days until they can return to Chicken Hill Bucking Bulls. 

Take your shot in the arena. Amateurs are welcome!


Chicken Hill Bucking Bulls in Cherryville

716 Old Stubbs Rd, Cherryville, NC, USA

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Riders cling desperately to the ropes as the animals buck and spin beneath them in each exhilarating ride. geometry dash


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