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Experience the Fun at Gastonia Baseball Club: Games, Events, and Community Spirit

Updated: Jun 27

Gastonia Baseball Club is the heart of fun and excitement in Gastonia, offering a family-friendly atmosphere and an inclusive community experience. Attending a game is not just about watching baseball—it's about creating memories with friends and family, enjoying themed nights, and engaging in various events. Let's explore the upcoming season, highlighting the special events and the unique "What If" nights, where fans can help decide the team's future name.

Special Events

Gastonia Baseball Club prides itself on being inclusive and community-focused. Here are some of the exciting events planned for the season:

Margaritaville Night

June 27

Wasting away again in Margaritaville! Embrace the island life and sway to the sounds of Jimmy Buffett. It's the perfect night to relax and enjoy a tropical atmosphere.

Independence Weekend

July 5 - July 7

Get ready to swing for the stars and ignite the night sky! Independence Weekend festivities include a giveaway on July 5 and a dazzling fireworks display on July 6. Celebrate the 4th of July with us at the ballpark.

Christmas in July

July 16 & July 17

Unwrap Gastonia Baseball magic during Christmas in July! Celebrate with Santa hats, ugly Christmas sweaters, and jingle bells. Enjoy the festive spirit in the summer heat.

Cancer Awareness Night

August 3

Gastonia Baseball Club honors all who have fought or are fighting cancer on Cancer Awareness Night. Celebrate survivors and support ongoing battles. Fans will have the opportunity to be honored on the field.

Beer Fest

August 24

With a special ticket package, fans can enjoy tastings of various beers while cheering on the home team. It's the perfect blend of baseball and brews.

BBQ Night

August 28

Savor delicious BBQ treats while watching the game. There is no place like Gastonia to enjoy some tasty BBQ!

Faith & Family Night

August 31

Celebrate a night of fellowship and community with Faith & Family Night. Bring out your friends and family for an evening of love and unity.

Hot Dog Day

September 2

Nothing beats a hot dog at a ballpark! Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with Hot Dog Day, which features special deals on hot dogs throughout the game.

School Day

September 12

Kick off the school year with a specialty morning game dedicated to education. Bring your classroom to learn about math, science, language arts, and geography in a fun and engaging way.

Fan Appreciation Night

September 14

It's time to celebrate YOU! Fan Appreciation Night will feature giveaways all game long. Show your support, and let us thank you for being the best fans around.

Weekly Events

  • Trivia Tuesdays: Test your knowledge on various subjects and enjoy a night of friendly competition.

  • Thirsty Thursdays: Enjoy special beverage deals and cheer on your home team.

  • Saturday Fireworks: Experience spectacular post-game fireworks every Saturday.

  • Bark in the Park Sundays: Bring your furry friends to the game and enjoy a day at the park together.

  • Kids Run the Bases: Every Sunday, kids can race around the bases post-game, presented by CaroMont Health.


Imagine the Future – What If Nights

Gastonia Baseball Club's "What If" Nights are a series of special events where the community can get involved in choosing the team's potential new name. Each homestand will feature a different name suggestion, with limited edition merchandise and exciting giveaways.


What If: Gastronauts

May 14 - May 19

"What If" Nights kicked off with the Gastronauts. The team explored the final frontier and embraced the spirit of adventure.

What If: Gastonia Bolognia

June 4 - June 9

What if our team embodied Gastonia Bolognia's quirky and fun spirit, which was a deliciously good time!

What If: Galactic Dinos

July 26 - July 28