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The perfect rum, it’s made right here in Gaston County

If I told you the perfect rum recipe existed, and it’s made right here in Gaston County, would you believe me? Well, there’s only one way to prove it!

And here’s your opportunity – at Muddy River Distillery right here in Gaston County located on the banks of the Catawba River in Belmont, NC.

Whether it’s just stopping by to view the collection of best sellers and uniquely crafted rum flavors, a fun, flavorful, and air-conditioned daytime outing during the week for a rum tasting, a fascinating tour featuring custom-built stills, wood barrels floor to ceiling, and the wonderful backstory about how Muddy River came to be, or even cocktail classes and dinners, Muddy River Distillery has fun activities for almost any schedule.

And if you haven’t heard of Muddy River Distillery until now, you’ll want to know more. Owners Robbie and Caroline Delaney started this business in 2011 with a passion for distilling rum after creating their perfect rum recipe. This passion and drive led to fast and massive growth – after starting with just 500 square feet they moved to their current location with 6,000 square feet. But just recently, they made an ambitious purchase adding another location with over 17,000 square feet and four acres at the historic Mount Holly Cotton Mill.

Muddy River Distillery prides themselves on using the best ingredients, hand crafted recipes, and custom-built stills to make all seven of their current rums. Offering interesting and intriguing flavors like Basil, which is made with hand-picked local basil and soaked in their Silver rum. Its fans say it will become a favorite of yours after just one sip. Another popular palate pleaser is their Coffee rum! Muddy River and Javesca Coffee Roasters in Charlotte partnered to create a special coffee blend that is then added to the Silver rum to create a smooth, sweet flavor that is easily enjoyed by itself or in various cocktails. Let that percolate.

Want to know more about their other rums, like their single barrel 4-year rum Queen Charlotte’s Reserve? Or even better, do you want to watch their videos showing viewers how to concoct their own cocktail creations? Or best of all, do you want to check out their Mill to Still video series documenting and detailing every step along the way in their exciting quest to bring a sophisticated indoor/outdoor event venue complete with an elegant cocktail bar to Mount Holly? It’s an exciting opportunity for our county and must-see tv.

Check out Muddy River Distillery on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok to see all they have to offer and what the staff is doing to bring you the best rum you’ve ever had!

Facebook: @CarolinaRum

Instagram: @muddyriverdistillery

YouTube: @muddyriverdistillery

TikTok: @muddyriverdistillery



Muddy River Distillery

1500 River Dr. #100 Belmont, NC

704-860-8389 |

Saturday Tours: 1, 2, & 3pm

Store Hours: Tues - Fri: 11am - 5pm

Sat 12:30 pm - 4pm, Sun 12:30 pm - 4pm

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