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Calling all adventurous kids to Schiele Museum this summer

Updated: May 30

Hello there, fellow adventurers! I have something exciting to share with all my feathered friends. Check out all the fantastic things happenin' at the Schiele Museum of Natural History this summer.

You know the giant T-Rex at the Schiele? Well... that colossal ol' dino is gonna be moved! They're making space for something super cool, and before the big move, the museum will show us cool new stuff about dinos! The Dinosaur King himself will share the latest dino discoveries! Can you believe it? We get to hear it straight from the King's beak!

Also on display is DinoSafari, an awe-inspiring exhibit about the Age of Dinosaurs. Embark on this daring journey, transporting you to the Mesozoic Era. Marvel at the full-bodied models, feel the thrill of facing a charging Triceratops and witness the stealthy Deinonychus stalking its prey. Explore the secrets of extinct ecosystems through actual dinosaur fossil specimens and casts, unraveling the mysteries of paleontology. With time ticking, every moment counts, so don't miss out on these extraordinary experiences!

Hurry up cause you only have till June 18th before the dinos go bye-bye!


Block Party

Also going on at the museum is Block Party. This exhibit will be super fun for little architects where they can build anything they can imagine from thousands of building blocks that are soft and safe! Let the creativity flow, and have a blast learnin'.

Early Explorers

Oh, and every Tuesday, will be a unique program called Early Explorers. Kiddos ages 2-5 years will hear stories, sing songs, and make crafts about different stuff. Bees, Father's Day, robots, and even pirates are all topics scheduled soon. Which one sounds the most exciting to you?

The Farm

And... somethin' amazing is happenin' on The Farm at The Schiele. We're talkin' about our farm friends, all those adorable animals. The farm staff will share everything they know about taking care of them daily. Visit often to learn about each of our furry and feathery pals.

Robots, Rockets, and Rovers

Then, Saturday, June 24th is gonna be an incredible day for "Robots, Rockets, and Rovers!" It's like science and technology teamin' up for a grand adventure. We'll see robots doin' cool things, rockets shootin' up to the sky, and rovers explorin' Earth and Mars. We can even code robots with the smart folks from UNC Charlotte.

This gem is for you

Get ready for the ultimate gem-mining adventure. Uncover stunning mineral treasures like garnets, topaz, and rubies. Best of all, whatever you find, you keep!

So, my little buddies, let's spread our wings and have a wild time. Explore the land of dinos, build fantastic structures, meet farm friends, and dive into the world of robots, rockets, and rovers. It's a sky-high adventure, and I can't wait to soar alongside you all at Schiele Museum of Natural History



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