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Confluence in Cramerton: a haven for biking adventures on Carolina Thread Trail

Updated: Aug 30

A haven for biking enthusiasts, the Carolina Thread Trail beckons adventurers. Recently Human Powered Movement, providers of the bike rental system at Confluence in Cramerton, NC, invited us for a ride. Here is our biking experience with HPM.

The journey began with the simple and seamless process of renting the bikes available onsite at Confluence. The knowledgeable staff instantly set us up on their versatile Trek Dual Sport 3.1. The rental fee was reasonable and included a helmet and a bike lock. We learned that adventurers could purchase 90 minutes or a full day of biking excursions for an affordable rate. Optional insurance and HPM Water Bottles were also available for an additional fee.

With bikes secured, it was time to embark on an unforgettable journey. Armed with the Carolina Thread Trail's mobile-friendly map via our smartphones, we easily navigate the network of trails and greenways.

Carolina Thread Trail Map shows biking route from Crameron to Belmont

Carolina Thread Trail Online Trail Map

Heading straight out the doors of Confluence to Goat Island Park, visible from the parking lot, we crossed the first of two beautiful pedestrian bridges. The world seemed to transform into a playground of natural wonders. Off to the right, we saw someone casting their line from the fishing pier into the South Fork River. Below, a couple was paddling kayaks also rented from Confluence.

The Goat Island Greenway itself was a treasure trove of activities. Large and small picnic shelters dotted the park, offering the perfect spot to rest, refuel, and savor the picnic delights brought from home. For the little ones, there's a playground to frolic. Fitness enthusiasts can test their strength and endurance at the adult fitness pavilion. Permanent cornhole boards, ping-pong tables, and an 18-hole disc golf course are also available. Goat Island Park is a true paradise, captivating the senses and rejuvenating the spirit.

Continuing through the park on our bikes along the gentle asphalt path spanning half a mile through its picturesque landscape, we saw many people walking their dogs. Over the second pedestrian bridge, we were now at the park's back entrance, where we had two options.

Go left to venture along the River Link Greenway, parallel to the South Fork River, or go straight and veer out of the park into a small residential area of Cramerton—Cross Lakewood Road and into the grounds for Stuart Cramer High School. You will soon see the entrance for the Carolina Thread Trail to Rocky Branch Park.

The Rocky Branch Trail in the park meandered through forests and ultimately led us to the vibrant town of Belmont. With over four miles of mountain bike trails, this park caters to cyclists of all experience levels. The scent of pine permeated the air as we could see riders navigating the trail's twists and turns. These trails are above my riding ability and a testament to the beauty and thrill of mountain biking, a sanctuary for those seeking adventure and a touch of adrenaline.

Once you leave Rocky Branch Park, you must ride a couple of blocks through a residential area before hitting downtown Belmont. Once there, we chilled in Stowe Park and grabbed a drink at the Everyday Market, although there are many restaurants and several shops, before heading back the way we came.

As our adventure drew to a close, it was time to retrace the path back to Cramerton before bidding farewell to the trails. Back In Cramerton and inside Confluence, we grabbed a cold beer on draft from a local distributor and discovered that the fun continued after the ride. Confluence is the gateway to an array of entertaining activities. Their partnership with Cramerton Parks & Rec allows visitors to rent fishing poles, disc golf discs, cornhole bags, ping pong paddles, and more.

Additionally, Confluence offered a rich cultural experience. Every week, visitors gather for open mic nights and live music. There's always a captivating performance waiting to inspire and uplift the soul found on their calendar of events.

Confluence brings the community together of adventure-seekers and nature enthusiasts, united by a love for movement and the great outdoors. As the sun set on another glorious day, I marveled at the experience shared. The connections forged and the memories that would forever hold a special place in my heart.

So, my fellow adventurers, heed the call of the trails and head to Confluence in Cramerton. Rent a bike, embrace the Carolina Thread Trail's wonders, and embark on a biking journey of exhilaration and serenity. Let the river's rhythm guide you, and may your spirits soar as you pedal through the enchanting landscapes. Remember, life on the river is not just about watersports; it's about embracing movement, cherishing nature, and discovering the true essence of freedom. Confluence awaits your arrival, ready to ignite the fire within your soul.

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