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How to make the most of McAdenville's Christmas Town USA

McAdenville's Christmas Town USA

More than 600,000 visitors travel thru McAdenville during Christmas Town USA to save you some time, here are some things to keep in mind to help you make the most of it.

How to make the most of McAdenville's Christmas Town USA

What’s in the Name

McAdenville is nicknamed Christmas Town USA for a good reason. Every winter, this small town in North Carolina transforms into a festive, twinkling wonderland, dotted with thousands of lights, dramatic displays and a spirited Main Street. Hundreds of thousands of people visit McAdenville to take in this breathtaking holiday display dating back to the ‘50s.

What Will You See

  • A large Nativity scene
 located in the business area, near the traffic light

  • Over 250 evergreens, covered with more than 
one-half million lights

  • A large lake with a fountain along with floating Christmas Trees.

  • Located near the lake towering high above our beautiful lights stands the Historical Bell Tower constructed in 1883

  • Seasonal music is played nightly from the tower for all to enjoy

  • Over 100 beautifully decorated homes

Participating Businesses


The lights shine every night form December 1st through the 26th from 5:30 pm – 10 pm. Pleas Note: The lights are on a timer and will go off promptly at 10 pm.

Best Time to Visit

Plan to visit during the week Monday thru Thursday as there is a tremendous increase in traffic on the weekends from Friday through Sunday.

The Route – 1.3 Miles

There is only one route through town and you can travel in either direction with lights along Main Street, in the historic district, and along the lake on Wesleyan Drive.

How to Get There

Here are the entrance points into McAdenville to see the lights. 

  1. I-85 North at Exit 22, and enter Main Street on Highway 7 from Lowell

  2. I-85 South at Exit 26, in Belmont and enter Wesleyan Drive from Hwy 74

• Both Church Street and Academy Street are closed to all vehicles

• Whether in a car or on foot, please keep your party moving so that others can enjoy as well

• Traffic may not enter Christmas Town from Hickory Grove Road


Walking is a great way to both, see the lights and decorated homes, but also to hear the sounds of the church chimes. Please be respectful and stay on the sidewalks as the decorated homes are private residences.


• Limited public parking is available off Poplar Street and off Elm Street with best availability at 5PM

• Parking is NOT PERMITTED on Hickory Grove Road or Riverside Drive

Alternative Ways To View

Hayrides are a fun alternative way to view the lights and are permitted if it is pulled by a legal motor vehicle. There's are also about 300 buses annually. Street legal golf carts, registered by the state of North Carolina are also permitted.

Inclement Weather

The lights on regardless of the weather conditions.


Christmas Town USA is pet friendly, however, all animals MUST be on a leash and controlled by a handler.


This amazing lights display is fee to all. Enjoy!

Places to Stay

Come for Christmas Town USA and stay for even more great events and attractions happening all month long in Gaston County. The closest hotels are


Official Details of McAdenville's Christmas Town USA can be found on the official website


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