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The Schiele Museum Unveils Its Newest Exhibit

Visitors can be among the first to see it during two special events

GASTONIA, N.C., September 20, 2023 – If you have visited The Schiele Museum of Natural History this summer, you have seen some big changes underway. A major update to the lobby has been in the works and a new exhibit will soon be revealed to the public. Recent updates to the Dino Safari exhibit will also be completed and ready for Mesozoic-era tourists.

After over 20 years in The Schiele’s lobby, the iconic T-rex was dismantled in June to make space for a new attraction. While the museum has revealed that the exhibit will be a massive creature, it is under wraps until the unveiling. “What is large enough to take the place of the T-rex? The new exhibit is a one-of-a-kind display that will tower over visitors at 18 feet tall and over 30 feet from edge to edge,” says Tony Pasour, Assistant Director for Interpretation at The Schiele Museum. “And this is just the beginning. Dinosaur fans will be thrilled with what’s to come over the next couple of years.”

Visitors are invited to view the exhibit for the first time at a ticketed adults-only gala, The Age of Giants on September 28. A family-friendly celebration, Dinosaur Day, is planned for September 30 and included with museum admission. T-rex will return to The Schiele in an updated pose that better reflects the latest science as part of a new museum experience slated to open in 2025.

On exhibit at The Schiele since 2018, Dino Safari presents full-bodied models of dinosaurs and a selection of fossil specimens. Updates to the space include new informational panels with Spanish language translations, and a Dino Safari Theater, sponsored by Bank of America. “At Bank of America, we believe that investment in education, arts, and culture continues to strengthen our community. We are pleased to partner with The Schiele Museum to bring this exciting opportunity to individuals of all ages,” says Grace Nystrum, Charlotte Market Executive.

Visitors are encouraged to be part of history in the making when a prehistoric lobby exhibit reveals the future of a museum. Details about The Age of Giants and Dinosaur Day are available online at


The Schiele Museum of Natural History inspires wonder, curiosity, and an appreciation of the natural world, providing the region with a unique educational resource. Visitors to The Schiele learn about the world around them through exceptional programming, fascinating exhibits, and ongoing research. To find out more, visit or follow The Schiele on social media.


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