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Touching Deep Space at the Planetarium Schiele Museum in Gastonia

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The stars, moons, planets, asteroids, comets and sun in our solar system will not seem very far away when you visit this fascinating featured exhibit: “The Solar System: A Journey of Exploration” - at The Schiele Museum of Natural History. The exhibit features projections of large moving planets , hands-on interactives, touchscreens, iPads and a full-size replica of a Mars Rover. Speaking of Mars, what will life be like on the red planet? Are you ready to pack your bags? Have a peek at the simulated Martian colony. During this journey, exploring our solar system, you’ll experience the grandeur, desolation, power, silence and loneliness of earth’s solar neighbors. This is a special exhibit, brought to you by PNC Bank and ending September, 2015. Don’t leave the museum without stopping by the planetarium. Shows include Nightwatch, Red Starr’s Solar System Round Up and Nine Planets and Counting.

About the Planetarium

The James H. Lynn Planetarium is one of the most prized assets of The Schiele Museum. With advances in technology we've updated the projection equipment to provide an immersive, hi-definition experience to our visitors. Prepare to be transported to a world where you're surrounded by nature, spaces, the human circulatory system, and much more as our new SciDome XD system brings full-dome educational films to The Schiele Museum.

Technically Superior

The recent installation of our Spitz SciDome XD projection equipment has rocketed the James H. Lynn Planetarium to becoming a leader in 21st century full-dome projection  technology. The images are crisp and vibrant as you're taken on a visual journey with shows that range from earthworms to extraterrestial volcanoes! This new system also allows interactive education thanks to an integrated infrared remote control that can call up data onto the full-dome display to deepen the immersive experience. 

The Schiele Museum of Natural History

Gastonia's Schiele Museum of Natural History features the largest collection of land mammal specimens in the Southeast, from common raccoons to huge buffalo. But that's just the beginning. It has five permanent galleries with vivid natural history exhibits, plus outdoor recreations of an Indian Village and an 18th Century Farm. 

The Schiele is one of only 70 museums in the U.S. designated as an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, enabling it to work with Smithsonian artifacts and materials. Also enjoy a wide variety of continuously changing exhibits.

The Planetarium is located just west of Charlotte in Gastonia, NC

Strategically located just minutes west of Charlotte and midway between Atlanta and North Carolina’s Research Triangle, Gastonia is the largest of Gaston County’s 15 municipalities, 13th largest city in the state, and the second largest in the booming Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill Metropolitan Area. 

There is a lot to see in Gastonia so after you visit the Planetarium, be sure to visit the rest, get a bite to eat and maybe get some rest before heading home.


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