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Autumn Delights in Gaston County: Sip and Savor Pumpkin Flavors at Charming Local Coffee Shops

Embrace the flavors of autumn in Gaston County by exploring the delightful offerings of our locally owned coffee shops nestled in the heart of our charming downtowns.


Check out these Coffee Shops this Fall in Gaston County

Catawba Coffee | In Mount Holly

Catawba Coffee is a local favorite and a regular stopping place on route to work, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, drawing people in like a siren's call. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to delicious coffee including fall flavors. Throughout the year, they offer seasonal beverages that will make your taste buds dance and are a great way to start your day.

Floyd and Blackies | In Cramerton

Another beloved local establishment, is Floyd & Blackie's. This local eatery, bakery, ice cream shop, and coffee bar is in downtown Cramerton, across from Goat Island Park. Floyd & Blackie's is a delicious and popular destination with a casual and welcoming atmosphere. With indoor and outdoor seating, F & B invites you to savor a meal, a sweet treat, or a cup of coffee with loved ones. Watch for lively live music events that enhance the vibrant ambiance. This season, they serve sweet and indulgent pumpkin spice beverages brimming with the comforting warmth of sugar.

Fryeday Coffee Roasters | In Lowell

Fryeday Coffee Roasters in Lowell, offers more than just exceptional coffee, the menu boasts delectable artisanal sandwiches, muffins, pastries, and much more. With frequent live music events and visits from food trucks, there's always something exciting happening. At Fryeday Coffee, they celebrate the spirit of pumpkin year-round, allowing our community to relish the autumn goodness at any time.

Knowledge Perk | In McAdenville

Knowledge Perk, in McAdenville is a small batch roastery with a mission to transform the way you experience coffee, serves their pumpkin flavors until the end of November. Seasonal flavors, including Maple Bourbon Latte, Pumpkin Pie Latte, Apple Cider Chai Tea, Hot Apple Cider Brown Sugar, and Cinnamon Shaker, will transformative your next coffee experience and connect you with this global coffee-loving community.

Everyday Market | In Belmont

In downtown Belmont's Everyday Market, it's more than just the change of seasons; it's a celebration of pumpkin muffin season! This community-focused cafe welcomes you with a house blend infused with pumpkin and delectable pumpkin pies, cakes, and muffins. Everyday Market takes pride in creating simple and delicious made-from-scratch items that perfectly pair with exceptional coffee.

The Wandering Cup | In Belmont

A short distance from town along the South Fork River, Wandering Cup blends a passion for art with the joy of finely brewed coffee. Upon request, you can savor pumpkin coffee year-round, while their exclusive pumpkin pastries infuse a touch of magic into the autumn season. While visiting, take the opportunity to explore your creative side by crafting ceramics, canvas or wood art, fused glass, and much more. There truly is something for everyone! After-hours gatherings provide the perfect opportunity to unwind, socialize, and immerse yourself in a lively atmosphere that's a blend of creativity and community.

Waterbean Coffee | In Belmont

Waterbean Coffee is dedicated to excellence in every facet, from carefully selected USDA-certified organic coffee beans to top-notch customer service. Your visit will leave you brimming with happiness and eagerly looking forward to your next visit.


Gaston County Coffee Shops: Embrace the Flavors of Autumn

These small towns in Gaston County have harnessed the allure of pumpkin flavors, transforming into coveted destinations for all seasons. With year-round offerings and a steadfast dedication to the spirit of autumn.