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Discover Gaston County trails during 2023 NC Year of the Trail

NC Year of the Trail, designated by the NC General Assembly, is a broad-based, once in a generation statewide campaign including Gaston County, to promote and celebrate hike, bike, paddle and equestrian trails and greenways that showcase our beauty, vibrancy and culture.


GoGastonNC will keep you up to date of how to make the most of the trails in Gaston County during NC Year of the Trail. If you haven't already done so, contact us to sign up for our monthly newsletter.


NC Year of the Trail

The Year of the Trail will educate NC residents and visitors about the State’s rich trail resources – how to find and use them, how to support them and how trails can support a more prosperous economy.

Outdoor Recreation is a $28 billion industry in NC and trails are a critical part of the infrastructure that supports that industry. Other trail benefits: trails are free to users, improved health and well-being, positive economic impact for communities, safety from vehicular traffic and protection of natural resources.

NC Year of the Trail is a project of the Great Trails State Coalition, a broad-based alliance of diverse nonprofit organizations, local governmental agencies and industry partners advocating for increased state investment in all types of muscle powered trails in NC. For more information contact

First Day Outdoors:

Kick off 2023 right by spending the first day outdoors! Join a First Day Hike, hosted by one of NC's state parks, or just head outside on your own to explore. It's the perfect way to start your year AND to kick off #yearofthetrail.

Together we’ll use 2023 to inspire people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to try trails, create new trail users, boost outdoor recreation tourism across the state, and promote safe and responsible trail use.


Gaston County provides outdoor explorers with a plethora of natural spaces found in our state, county and city parks. Use the Gaston County greenways and blueways to celebrate Year of the Trail!


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