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Caravan Coffee A Solid Coffee Shop

Updated: Feb 18, 2020


There is nothing really exciting about the Caravan Coffee and Desert bar in Downtown Belmont NC. And that’s kind of the point. The atmosphere is made for relaxing with a dark and comforting interior (complete with sofa) and a few outdoor tables where you can sit and watch the kids play at the park across the street. They deliver a solid cup of Joe and the drink menu includes all the standard coffee house fare. One local favorite that stands out is the banana nut coffee. A full range of teas and iced drinks are also in play. The food options are limited to a small sampling of sweets. The choices vary from day to day but there are usually some cupcakes, scones, and maybe a few slices of cake. Overall a great way to get your pre-hike caffeine fix or post climb sugar buzz.

What Makes It Great

All along Main Street, historic buildings house creative and friendly restaurants and shops. Wide sidewalks—decorated with planters filled with bright flowers—offer safe passage from one end of downtown to the other. And Stowe Park, a beautiful green space complete with fountain, playground, and picnic shelter, is filled with kids on any given sunny weekend. 

Downtown Belmont is just about as quaint of a town as you can get. Any coffee shop that serves this community would, by necessity need to be just as comfortable and friendly. That fact that Caravan Coffee fits right in to its Main Street address says a lot about the shop. 

The motif of Caravan relies on the soothing browns and beiges of the desert. Exposed wood beams and whimsical decorations—like the camel that anchors the center of the space—make you want to relax and chat for a bit. There’s typically plenty of seating, including a large leather couch. A few outdoor tables overlook Stowe Park and the rest of Main Street. Free Wifi and music that doesn’t overpower make the shop a great remote office. 

Looking for an outlet? There is one next to the leather couch and another to the left of the pastry counter. Oh, right—the pastries. Caravan happens to be owned by the same folks that produce the amazing goods at Brenda’s Cake Gallery next door. There’s usually a selection of sweet treats available. If you’re undecided, the almond pastry is pretty fantastic. 

The reasonably priced brewed coffee is medium-to-medium dark roast, and there is typically a flavored option every day. The drink menu is filled with all the standard trappings. The mochas are a great choice if you like your java sweet. Caravan is a convenient stop on your way out the USNWC, kayaking the Catawba, or on the way to hike at Crowders Mountain.

Who is Going to Love It

While the service is quick at Caravan, this is the type of place you’ll want sit and relax in. Anyone looking to splurge on a pastry is going to love just about any option in the case.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Look for Caravan just past the train tracks on Main Street in Belmont. The shop is located directly across the street from Stowe Park.

There is a very small parking lot on the side of Caravan Coffee but plenty of street parking make visiting easy.



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