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The Schiele Museum in Gastonia, Family Fun All Winter

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Visiting the Schiele Museum is a fun and educational experience for all ages! With so much to see and do, here are a few important details to help you plan your visit. The Schiele Museum brings together professional educators, curators, administrative staff and facilities staff to provide a quality venue for learning and making winter memories in the heart of Gaston County, NC. Through our efforts, we seek to inspire wonder and appreciation for science and the natural world.

Winter Wonderland

Slide on over to The Schiele to enjoy the beauty of a Winter Wonderland without the cold! Kick off your shoes and test your “skating” skills on our indoor rink where socks replace skates as you glide over our “ice.” A great way to expend some energy this winter for budding athletes and to get out of the house! Parents and guardians can watch ice skaters at a seating area next to the rink. For ages 11 and under. Socks are required, masks too!

Cats Untamed

Cats Untamed, the newest addition to the museum, dives into the natural science of family felidae, tracing their evolution through the fossil record and examining their modern role as apex predators across much of the terrestrial world. The goal of our exhibit is to explore biological concepts surrounding cats, including their taxonomy, physiology, behaviors, adaptations and their function within modern environments. Special emphasis is placed on the relationships between wild cats and humans, focusing primarily on problems associated with loss of habitat that has put many species under incredible strain.

Dynamic Earth

Discover the stars, planets, other celestial events visible in the sky tonight at the James H. Lynn Planetarium Science Center at Schiele Museum. Explore the inner workings of Earth’s global climate using satellite data and advanced supercomputer simulations. Ride along on swirling ocean and wind currents, come face-to-face with sharks and gigantic whales, and fly into roiling volcanoes to find the relationship between Earth’s delicate atmosphere, oceans, and biosphere. Narrated by Liam Neeson. Dynamic Earth is running through February 28th, 2022.

Dino Safari

Journey through time to the Mesozoic Era - the Age of Dinosaurs - as you walk among these full-bodied models and experience what life might have been like for these incredible creatures. Marvel at the sheer size of these prehistoric beasts and face off against a charging Triceratops or watch as the Deinonychus stalks its prey. Throughout the Dino Safari exhibit, you'll see some of your favorite dinosaurs and learn about a few more of these spectacular beasts. You'll also get to see actual dinosaur fossil specimens and casts from the Schiele Museum's collection that help demonstrate how the science of paleontology provides clues about extinct ecosystems.


The Schiele Museum of Natural History

The museum has amassed a vast collection of artifacts and interpretive displays that make history and science accessible to the visitor. Step into faraway places and times as you explore the five permanent exhibitions within the museum:

Indoor Galleries

  • Hall of North Carolina Natural History Have you ever seen a harbor seal, a teal, a heron, an egret or a coot? These artistically crafted dioramas depict the inhabitants and terrain of the North Carolina coastline, coastal plains, hills, Piedmont and mountain regions in their incredible diversity.

  • Hall of North American Habitats Experiencing the beauty and detail of the Hall of North American Habitats is like being transported to the middle of the continent's most dynamic terrain. Your eyes will lead your imagination to the wonders of our ocean floors, the Everglades, the Sonoran Desert and the mighty Alaskan tundra. Children and adults alike will leave with an appreciation for the majesty and diversity of life in our North American homeland.

  • Robinson Hall Exhibit Gallery Creepy Nature is designed to share the actual science of weird and unusual plants and animals. This exhibit features horror fiction concepts like vampires, zombies, mummies, and alien invaders! Discover the truth behind these mythologies as you follow the expedition of our hero through undersea perils, mysterious jungles, forbidding swamps, and an abandoned mine. What lurks in these environments is stranger than fiction – it’s Creepy Nature!

  • Hall of North American Wildlife Get toe to claw, nose to gill, finger to stinger and eye to shank with wildlife at its finest. These dioramas give you true perspective on the size and scope of North America's bears, bison, moose and elk along with its other mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and amphibians.

  • Henry Hall of the American Indian Can you name the five major regions of North America? Do you remember the major tribal groups that so richly affected European settlers in the new world and colonies? Not to worry if you've forgotten a few details because The Schiele Museum can bring you an unforgettable collection of artifacts, weapons, ornaments, tools, and housing that will remind you of the beautiful culture of the North American Native American.

Outdoor Exhibits

  • Nature Trail All within a 0.7 mile trek, you'll experience a pine forest, mixed hardwood forest, and pond and stream communities typical of the North Carolina Piedmont. On our trail for all seasons, every day is a good day for a walk. The Play'Scape provides a good play area for kids along the trail.

  • Memorial Wildlife Garden In this wildlife oasis, you can take advantage of the contemplative setting by escaping the rat race and settling into an environment authentically designed to provide food and shelter for the Carolina Piedmont's native species.

  • Catawba Indian Village Open seasonally, this interpretation of 400 years of Catawba Indian culture, adaptation, and survival is a must see for visitors interested our region's rich heritage. Visit a prehistoric bark-covered house, council house and log cabins.

  • Stone Age Heritage Site Travel back in time when the stone tools our ancestors used were the cutting edge of technology. Walk among the standing stones, stone circles, earthen burial mound, rock cairn and petroglyphs that give insightful glimpses into our past.

  • The Farm This all-new outdoor experience for visitors explores the natural, ever-changing relationships between people, plants, and animals on farms across the history of our region! Learn more about this interactive exhibit here.


The Schiele Museum of Natural History is committed to inspiring curiosity and understanding of science and the natural world through exceptional educational programs, exhibits, and research. 1500 East Garrison Boulevard, Gastonia, NC 28054


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