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McAdenville Greenway Park

The McAdenville Greenway Park is a paved trail that runs parallel to the South Fork of the Catawba River for .8 miles. It offers trail users an opportunity to enjoy great views of the South Fork River that can be accessed easily from downtown McAdenville.


102 Main St, McAdenville, NC, USA

0.8 miles, One Way


Best Use





Walking, Wheelchair Accessible, Hiking, Biking, Mountain Biking


McAdenville is a place where history lives and the present thrives with dedication to character and inspired living. Given a heritage built through the willpower of hard working people, leadership of corporate stewards and a caring community; the town is a step back in time and into the future where traditions are coveted and progress is welcomed.

River Room

Catawba Riverkeeper's Taproom located at Dynamo 31 in McAdenville.

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