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Last Chance to See the T. Rex at The Schiele Museum of Natural History

T. Rex on display at Schiele Museum Photo credit: Matt Benson
T. Rex on display at Schiele Museum | Photo credit: Matt Benson

GASTONIA, N.C., May 22, 2023 – Have you ever seen the towering Tyrannosaurus rex in the lobby of The Schiele Museum of Natural History? This museum icon is slated to be removed, repositioned, and later relocated as part of a series of exciting changes coming to the museum. The T. rex in its current form will be on display through Sunday, June 18.

The Schiele acquired the Wankel T. rex cast in 1999 as part of a temporary exhibit. In 2000, a generous gift from the Dickson Foundation allowed the museum to purchase the cast, which has been on display in the lobby ever since.

Once considered a dim-witted creature that lumbered along dragging its tail, the most recent science portrays T. rex as a dynamic member of a prehistoric ecosystem. It has been likened to a gigantic bird, tending its young and possibly covered with feathers for at least a portion of its life. The Schiele’s T. rex cast will eventually be put back on exhibit in a new pose that better represents the latest science. “While it’s difficult to part with our T. rex in its current form, we want to reflect the latest science in our exhibits and programming to share with the public,” says Dr. Ann Tippitt, The Schiele’s Executive Director.

To learn the details about the science prompting these changes, join The Schiele during the month of June for recurring presentations of “The Dinosaur King”, free with museum admission and facilitated by local paleontology students. Details are available on the calendar of events at

The Schiele’s lobby will be under construction during the summer months. While the subject of the display that will replace the T. rex is still under wraps, a planned opening is scheduled for late September, 2023. The museum will remain open during construction. Visit for details.


The Schiele Museum of Natural History inspires wonder, curiosity, and an appreciation of the natural world, providing the region with a unique educational resource. Visitors to The Schiele learn about the world around them through exceptional programming, fascinating exhibits, and ongoing research. To find out more, visit or follow The Schiele on social media.


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